Drain Unblocking

You flush the toilet and the contents rise to meet you; or you pull the plug to empty the sink and nothing happens or it empties slowly glugging as it goes; or maybe your shower tray fills up with something unpleasant everytime you empty the bath or flush the toilet! Any blocked drain can cause seious problems to your property and potentially, your health. We have the Drain Clearing equipment to assist us in all aspects of drain unblocking. From the humble air plunger and drain rods to High pressure water trailer jetting units, we have what it takes, and will only use the equipment designed for the drain being cleared.

As part of our drain unblocking service we can offer CCTV drain surveys to ascertain the type of blockage, and sonar tracing of the drain to pinpoint the location of the problem. If the blockage is down to roots we can also offer root cutting to clear the drain.

Drain Unblocking For All Properties!

We are able to unblock drains for residential, commercial and industrial properties and are happy to discuss your requirements should you wish to put a planned preventative maintenance plan in placed to prevent forseen or possible problems.

It is our aim to meet and exceed all customers expectations, which is why we will never let a blocked drain defeat us, and will carry out a range of methods to ensure that your drainage system will be unblocked and working properly again in as short a time as possible to minimise any disruption.

Often if a blocked drain is causing an emergency, such as flooding, or backed up appliances, then we can often offer our drain unblocking services on the same day, or refer you to someone who could get out that day, with the possibility of a vacuum tanker also attending to help clean up and empty cellars, store rooms, etc. To book our drain unblocking services or find out more about the drain services we offer, please get in touch with our experts today on 01772 864987 and they gladly talk you through our various services.

For more information on what can go down your toilet, and potentially prevent any blockages, United Utilities have a great page with useful and interesting advice. There is also a great video that United Utilities has produced, just watch it, learn and laugh!

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