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Drain Surveys

If you have a recurring problem with your drain systems you may want to give us a call as we specialise in drain surveys. We often advise customers who are having drainage issues surrounding their property, to have a drainage survey carried out in order to pin point the exact cause of the problem, prior to recommending or suggesting any repairs.

Drain surveys are more effective than trial and error!

Drain surveys are much more effective than just trying to clear a recurring problem, as constant high pressure jetting or plunging could damage the drain, an although may release the blockage will not actually sort out the underlying problem.

We offer drain surveys and can often be there the same or next day to carry out the CCTV survey of the system, and provide a written report and access to the footage, if required. This will normally be able to determine the whereabouts and the nature of your drainage problems.

Conditional surveys

Even if the drain isn't a problem, but you need a conditional report and drainage plan of the property, we can supply this. We are finding that more and more mortgage companies are requesting specialised surveys, in addition to the normal house survey, prior to making a mortgage offer, especially on older properties. In the case of pre-purchase surveys we can also survey and provide conditional reports on Septic Tanks, Cess Pools and Treatment plants, as well give details of any remedial works and costings to carry out the repairs. If the system needs emptying prior to the survey, we can also arrange to do this for you.

Drainage Field Survey

Septic tanks are often connected to a drainage field or soakaway. These, like many things and contrary to popular stories, DO have a shelf life and will eventually fail. There are many contributing factors, although the biggest culprit of modern day living is the dishwasher! If your drainage field does fail the only option available, other than going on mains drainage or installing a package treatment plant, is to replace it.

Not all land is suitable or large enough for a drainage field. If this is something that you need as a replacement, or as part of a new installation, then we can survey and ascertain the suitability of the ground and area for you, providing the test results and calculations along with a plan of the suggested drainage field.

As partof the services we offer, we have teamed up with companies that sepcialise in drain surveys and repairs to ensure your problem system can be dealt with sooner rather than later.  For further information regarding our survey services, or for referral,  please call or email one of our experts today and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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