Septic Tank Installation

Septic Tank Installation

If your property is not connected to the mains which can be the case more often than not in more rural areas, you will need to have a septic tank installed to deal with the sewage. If it is a brand new installation in a property you'll have to make sure you meet the guidelines and apply for any permits required from the Environmental Agency before the actual installation.

Septic tank installations can NOT be carried out if they are required to discharge into a watercourse or land drainage system. Septic tanks can only be installed where the wastewater (effluent) is discharged into a dedicated soakaway or drainage field.

Septic Tank Installations to suit anyone!

For septic tank installations we have a range of septic tanks available to suit all property sizes and situations and as long as you have sufficient area on your property where your septic tank and subsequent soakway drain or drainage field can be installed, an installation can be carried out. Certain conditions determine the size of soakaway drain or drainage field required, and can determine whether a septic tank installation is possible.

Installed septic tanks work by collecting the waste from the property, and holding the solid waste inside the specially designed tank. The wastewater (effluent) is then discharged from the septic tank into the soakaway drain or drainage field. Septic tanks should be regularly emptied to remove this solid waste (sludge) build up. If a septic tank is not emptied regularly, the soakaway drain or drainage field can fail, preventing the wastewater (effluent) from draining from the septic tank. This can cause flooding, overflowing or blocked drains, and blocked toilets in the property you are draining from. This is why it's important when the tank is installed you keep on top of the maintenance to prevent any more costly problems.

When installing your septic tank, there are a range of options available to suit your situation, as well as your budget and will be happy for one of our engineers to meet with you for a no obligation site visit. Our experts will also be able to let you know what type of sewage system would work best for your property type.

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