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We have specialised in Septic Tank, Treatment Plant and Cess Pool emptying since 2003.  One of the main misconceptions are that they don’t need emptying, but is this true?  No!  In fact to stay within the law you are required to empty and maintain your system.  There are many scare mongerers out there that will try and sell you new systems when your existing system is still legal.  To check, please go to the goverment site and look at the general binding rules.

How often your septic tank or cesspool need emptying will depend on how many people live in the house and how large your tank is, generally a house with a family of 4 will need emptying once a year and a house with 2 people may need emptying every 2 years. This is of course just an average and will depend on the size of the tank installed in the property and its usage.

When deciding the frequency required for the emptying/desludging and servicing of your sewage system, several things need to be considered:

  • Is the system in an area of special scientific interest or outstanding natural beauty
  • Environment Agency guidelines and regulations
  • System manufacturers instructions and guidelines
  • How many people use the facilities, and the total number of bedrooms for properties connected to the system (bathroom count does not influence the loading for emptying schedules!)
  • Size/capacity of the system, is it appropriate for the property or properties connected to it
  • Types of waste entering the system, i.e. is it purely foul or is there significant FOGs (Fats Oil Greases) entering the system
  • Flow rate through the system (there shouldn’t be surface water entering the inlet, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t)
  • Point of discharge, and standard of discharged effluent
  • Condition of the system, outlet and drainage field

We Offer Scheduled or Ad-hoc Septic Tank and Treatment Plant Emptying

Usually Septic Tank and Packaged Treatment Plant emptying will need carrying out on an annual basis, but if you are having problems, or are selling your property, this would also be a good time to have the system emptied and inspected.

On turning up on site we will endeavour to get as close to the system as possible, and carefully, minimising any disturbance to your property or inconvenience to you or your neighbours. The system will then be emptied, and the removed waste disposed of at a Licensed Waste Water Treatment Works.

For further information regarding our Septic Tank, Treatment Plant and Cess Pool desludging and emptying services, please call on 01772 864987 or email us today, and we will get back to you as soon as we can to discuss your requirements further.

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