Septic Tank & Sewage Treatment Plant Installations in Longton

We are able to offer our customers Septic Tank and Sewage Treatment Plant Installations in Longton that suit the individuals and properties requirements to ensure you get the best service we can offer.

Usually the only visible sign of a Treatment Plant installed is a ground level manhole cover which ensures that there will be no major disturbances to your property.

We also offer a small housing for the working parts, which can be placed anywhere within 10-15 metres of the Treatment Plant itself.

In most cases a Sewage Treatment Plant is installation in Longton occures to replace a Septic Tank, the Treatment Plant can be installed where the original Septic Tank was situated so there will be no more disturbances to the land or your property.

To facilitate larger septic tank & sewage treatment plant installations in Longton we work with experienced specialist groundwork contractors so we provide the best service we can.

In addition to having the equipment and expertise to install the unit in the ground they also assist with unloading the units when delivered and trenching for ducting and inlet/outlet drains.

This means that we have everything covered and that the job can be carried out with no complications.

For many of our customers, that may be limited with space, smaller systems which are especially developed to fit in small spaces and work much better for smaller properties, and even in enclosed areas, can be supplied for installation.

This means that we have options for all of our customers and we can use our services to suit our customers.


If you have looked into Sewage Treatment Plant Installations in Longton and feel that we could be of assistance to you and your property, please call our Treatment Plant installation experts in Longton today to arrange a no obligation site visit in order to discuss your Treatment Plant installation requirements.

We are also able to supply you with Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants and deliver them to you! This means that we are able to provide you with the best service which suits you and your property.

We want to offer you the best service possible and strive to meet our customers’ expectations every time we carry out a job.

Our wide range of services are available to all customers and we are more than happy to help you with any issues that you may be experiencing.

Call us for more information about any enquiries you may have!


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