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Septic Tank and Treatment Plant Emptying in Leyland

Our professionals are specialised in dealing with Septic Tank, Treatment Plant and Cess Pool emptying in Leyland since 2003.The main misconception that most people make is that they don’t need emptying at all , but this is far from the truth. If you do not get your tanks emptied it can lead to many issues including pollution of watercourses and soakaway failure.

According to the law you are required to empty and maintain your system on a regular basis to ensure that the tanks are still fit for purpose. You must use a company licensed by The Environment Agency for the carriage and disposal of sewerage.

Most septic tanks are not suitable for discharge into a watercourse, and should be replaced with a Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant in Leyland. To ensure that your system meets current regulations, you should go to the government site and look at the general binding rules regarding septic tanks and discharges.

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When it comes to how regularly you should be emptying your septic tank or cesspool it will depend on how many people live in the house and how large your tank is, normally a house with a family of four will need emptying once a year, logically a house with two people may need emptying every two years.

This is only an estimate and the exact period of time will depend on the size of the tank which you are going to have installed in the property and how much it is going to be used.

When you are deciding the time period required for the emptying and servicing of your sewage system in Leyland, there are several things that need to be considered:

    • Is the system going to be put in an area of special scientific interest or outstanding natural beauty?
    • What are the Environment Agency guidelines and regulations?
    • What are the system manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines?
    • How many people are going to be using the facilities, and the total number of bedrooms for properties connected to the size of the system?
    • Is it going to be appropriate for the property or properties connected to it?
    • What are the types of waste that will be entering the system?
    • What will be the Flow rate through the system? (surface water and roof drainage should NOT be entering the septic tank or treatment plant)
    • Where will the point of discharge be and is the standard of discharged effluent acceptable?
    • You also need to consider the age and condition of the existing system, outlet and drainage field.

We are able to offer Scheduled or Ad-hoc Septic Tank and Treatment Plant Emptying in Leyland

Generally Septic Tank and Packaged Treatment Plant emptying in Leyland will need carrying out every year but if you are having any issues, or are selling your property, this would also be a good time to have the system emptied and inspected to highlight any problems, or to ensure the system is operating correctly prior to selling the property.

On turning up on site we will endeavour to empty your septic tank or treatment plant  in Leyland, usually without inconvenience to you or your neighbours.

Once emptied, the area will be left clean and tidy, and the removed waste will be disposed of at a Licensed Wastewater Treatment Facility, in line with current Environment Agency guidelines.

An invoice will be left with you, and this is also your Duty of Care, which you must keep for 6 years, as do we.

This paperwork enables you, us and the Environment Agency to track the carriage of your waste to its disposal point at the Licensed Wastewater Treatment Facility, to ensure that it is disposed of legally.

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