Tanker Hire and Event Toilet Emptying in University of Lancaster

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Tanker Hire and Event Toilet Emptying

If you are thinking of having an event with portable facilities, or welfare units on site that will require emptying, our Tanker Hire and Event Toilet Emptying services in University of Lancaster are perfect for you! We are able to provide our customers with either a fixed price, where we would empty the tanks as and when required, or hourly rates for staying on site to maintain the levels of the units.

For example at a Festival or sporting event is a place where these facilities would be necessary. We work closely alongside toilet hire companies who offer a range of Tardis type and luxury toilet trailer units so we know exactly how to deal with them and how to maintain them during and after use.

Please call us for contact details of the toilet hire firms we recommend.

For any further information you may require regarding our de-sludging and emptying services in University of Lancaster, or if you want to discuss tanker hire for an event, please call on 01772 864987 or email us today, and we will get back to you as soon as we can to discuss your requirements further.


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